Japan – Cell phone pictures

During my trip in Japan and Korea I didn’t have my digital camera with me all the time so I use my cell phone. Those pictures are not done to exhibit but to share some of the culture that I discovered there.  When I travel I don’t take my DSLR all the time with me. I like to discover a new country with my eyes and my senses and not through my camera 🙂

Johny Deep in JapaneseJapanese style restroom!  I had no idea that restroom were like this there. I have already seen them in Turkey but I was surprised to find them at Tokyo main airport!Japanese restroomIt’s the main quarter of a beer company. The main building is a glass of beer with the mousse on the top and a drop on the right.Beer building TokyoCab in TokyoJapanese dishJapanese fishJapanese foodNo idea what is written 🙂  But it was delicious!!Japanese menuIf you look in the plate you can see some small round pearls. They are candies and they made the plate sweet and delicious!Japanese foodI am in love with those lunch boxes! I wish we would have this kind of choice in the US!!Lunch boxes in FukuokaDelicious meal in KyotoJapanese foodIt was working! I had never seen one old like this 🙂 I thought that Japan was on top of the technology… lol!Old phone in JapanThen even have special trash for the lunch boxes
trash in JapanYou can find vending machines everywhere in Japan!!! And lots of them side by side.Vending machines in TokyoOn the left picture you can see the vending machine where you order your food. You usually find it at the entrance of the restaurant. On the right you can see a view of the restaurant. We had the only table for 4 people. As you can see people come, eat and go back to work.Restaurant in TokyoOur room in Kyoto. Tatamis everywhere in the room. When it’s time to sleep they come, push the table on the side and put a small mattress on top of the tatamis. It was very comfortable.

In Japan, you can’t keep your shoes inside houses/room. You leave them at the entrance and go bare food. In the toilet, you have special shoes that you put only there.Hotel in Kyoto JapanIt wasn’t easy to read… but thankfully they had the English translation tooTrain in JapanTransportation in JapanPictures with cell phone by Severine. Severine Photography

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